Surrounded By Idiots

Have you ever had the feeling, that you are constantly surrounded by idiots? Of course you had. Everybody has this impression every once in a while. The pressing issue is the frequency.

Summertime Stupidity

Maybe it’s the exposure to UV radiation, maybe it’s the heat or it’s just that people tend to be outside more often in the summer, but one thing is clear: There seem to be more of them in the warmer months. At least on a local level … but more on this soon!

Just yesterday I witnessed an (obviously) impatient driver at a busy intersection nearly running over some children – not because he was blinded by the sun or something “rational” but because he decided 4 centimeters (~ 1.6 inches) is enough room between his car and their heads for him to pass. WTF?

And then we have the, oh soooo annoying, little things. People who decide it’s a good idea to stop immediately after they’ve gotten off an escalator, people who sneeze into their hand and then want to shake yours or those darn people littering the streets. Really people? Would you do that at home as well? There is a trash can just in front of you!

I might sound like the “old” people, us “young” people make fun of because they’re “so uncool” and should “chill out”. But I’m sick of the attitude that I should accept everything because I don’t want to get into any trouble with whomsoever.

Getting Bigger But Not Better

Unfortunately the collective annoyance doesn’t stop at the local level. There are problems far worse and I simply can’t understand people accepting or even supporting them. Want to have a few examples?

Non-existing gun laws in the US: There has been another shooting in the US recently. Again. Call me paranoid, but they get more frequent. No other developed country in the world has to deal with that kind of problem on a regular basis. Gun proponents always say, that it’s not the gun that kills people, it’s people. But you know what: The gun helps! (paraphrased from the amazing Eddie Izzard)

Yet the gun lobby is thriving in the States. According to them, if more people have guns, they can defend others against crazy people with guns. Sure. Good idea (I’m being sarcastic here, in case you haven’t noticed). Give untrained people some weapons and let them shoot at anything, that they perceive (!) as a threat. Brilliant. This is an accident waiting to happen – oh, wait. It already did. Also: We already have trained people who are capable of judging potential threats – they’re called police officers.

If you are a gun proponent: Sorry, but your logic is flawed and the numbers don’t lie.

No stopping here: There is more! Yes! More stupidity – who would have thought?! Now I’m going global.

All the people who think global warming is not happening: These people are just lazy! Really! It’s that simple. It’s just way to comfortable to let the AC running all the time, even if you are nowhere near your car. I don’t get why those people don’t like to think about the consequences of their actions. They’re living in their own little world, where others don’t count. As long as THEY have their comfortable life, the world can go to hell.

Because the effects of their actions are only visible over a longer period of time, they are still existing! Why don’t they at least take into account that it MIGHT be happening? Is that really too much to ask? In the end all this benefits them as well. Cleaner cities, less noise, a healthier and longer life.

Please, dear people (especially those, who consider themself clever): Think about what the consequences of your actions are! Nobody wants to take away your freedoms (no matter what certain “news” outlets try to sell you). No one wants to harm your family – if anything, people fighting climate change want to save it!

In Conclusion: F YOU!

Dear stupid people,
you are not alone in this world. There are others who try to be decent people, who actually care about others. People who try to make a difference. People who like to smile at others and consequently brighten up their day. Being nice to the people who live in your area and respecting them doesn’t make you weak! Stop thinking that you have to be the alpha person all the time. You want to be treated nicely. Treat others accordingly!

That is also true on a global scale. Would you wreck the house you live in? Probably not!

Now, let it be said: If you don’t start trying to be better soon, us friendly people won’t be so friendly anymore.

Yours sincerely,
Everyone Else


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