Why You Should Go To Iceland

Exactly one year ago, I embarked on one of the best voyages, I’ve ever done! Iceland! What a beautiful country! It’s the perfect spot for all those people, who need to get away from society as far as humanly possible!

Why Iceland you ask? Isn’t that the place, where it’s always cold and volcanos are literally everywhere? Yes. So? I don’t like warm weather – don’t get me wrong, I like summer and a nice blue sky and adequate warm surroundings … but going south for a holiday? For what? Lying at the pool all day? Nah …

Also, the landscape has fascinated me ever since I watched “Hoppipolla” by the Icelandic band Sigur Ros.

For two weeks my girlfriend, two other friends and me were travelling around in a jeep. It was just us, the road and the occasional other traveller (on my first trip to work after the vacation, I saw more people on the subway, than I did in two weeks of Iceland!).

Trust me, you don’t want to go anywhere else for the rest of your life after you’ve done this!

Why You Should Go

Iceland’s nature is unique. Formed by volcanoes eons ago, its landscape is unlike anything you might have seen before. Waterfalls can be found everywhere (at one point, you just stop noticing them, because there are soooo many), steam from hot springs rises from cracks in the surface and the air smells of sulfur. It’s an experience you just can’t have in your average holiday home.

If you go there in the summer (as I did) expect eternal daylight. The sun will barely set, so you can enjoy the beauties of the country all day and all night. Of course, that also means that sleep won’t come easy at first – but you’ll get used to it.

Þetta reddast!

The people of Iceland are among the friendliest human beings, I’ve ever come across. They live by the code of “Þetta reddast” (Thetta reddast) which literally means “This will work itself out.”. A principle one should adopt. Stop worrying and enjoy your day! Why do you think, Icelanders voted against saving their banks during the financial crisis of 2008?They did the right thing and let them go bankrupt. Did it ruin the country? No, it liberated its people. Þetta reddast!

Hot Tubs Everywhere

Free Hot Tub!

Free Hot Tub!

Fancy a quick bath in a natural hot tub? Help yourself! There are free open air hot tubs for you to use everywhere! Thanks to the unique geology of Iceland, geothermally heated water is used to keep them warm throughout the year. There are changing rooms to hop into your favorite swimming gear and off you go! You wouldn’t be believe what a relieve such a hot tub can be after a seven hour drive! The only downside (if you even want to call it that) is the ever-present smell of sulfur. Once you get used to that, nothing will stand in your way of a relaxing break from whatever you were doing.

A girl who was working at a hostel we stayed in told us: “You visit Iceland at least twice. Once in summer and once in winter.” And she’s right. We’ll be back.

Now enough with the words! Let’s see some pictures! Enjoy!

NOTE: If you have trouble clicking the slide show, try this LINK.

Aireglin - View my 'Iceland' set on Flickriver


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