Epic Movie Time

Does the following sound familiar? You start to surf YouTube for a particular video that you’ve heard of and then suddenly and totally unexpected, the trail of related videos starts to take control over your life. When you look up from your screen a couple of videos later, it’s the middle of the night, your hair has turned grey and you lost your job, since you haven’t shown up for work for several years.

How many of these videos were worth watching? Be honest – would you recommend all of them to your friends?

Let’s face it, a lot of time surfing the internet is wasted watching boring videos. Why not step up the game, and watch something truly amazing? How about a short film? But where should you look for them? There are sooooo many! Which of these are worth watching? It’s a good thing you came here, stranger!

Today I present you a selection of some of my favourite short films. They come in all sorts of flavors and colors and the best thing: they are all safe for work! So go ahead and share them with your friends and colleagues! Since I could not include all the videos I deem worthy, expect a second list of this nature some time in the future.

And now, ladies and gentlemen: Lights! Camera! ACTION!

Johnny Express

Let’s kick off the list with a short, that’s been making the rounds in the web recently. It’s the story of a space delivery man, whose most recent mission went a bit different than expected.

One Last Dive

This one minute horror short puts you in the shoes fins of a police diver, who goes down one last time before he calls it a day. Maybe he should have called in sick today…


This Spanish horror short from 2008 is almost entirely shot in one take and even inspired a 2013 feature film produced by Guillermo del Toro. If you like a creepy setting and minimal cast, you’ll love this one!


One of the first 3D animated shorts I’ve ever discovered, this brilliant story takes an alien patrol ship to a very familiar planet to investigate a massive energy surge and to capture one of the inhabitants.

The Jaunt

Finally, we have this 15 minute film, which is based on one of Stephen King’s earlier short stories. While the plot of the video significantly deviates from the source material, it’s still fun to watch. I am very happy, that someone actually made this – now I’m hoping for a full-length version. Hello, Hollywood?!

Since I’m not sure King’s story is legally available on the net, I cannot provide you with a link here. But if you’ll put your mind to it, you can find it.


What are your favourite short films? Let me know in the comments!



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