Surrounded By Idiots

Have you ever had the feeling, that you are constantly surrounded by idiots? Of course you had. Everybody has this impression every once in a while. The pressing issue is the frequency.
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Why You Should Go To Iceland

Exactly one year ago, I embarked on one of the best voyages, I’ve ever done! Iceland! What a beautiful country! It’s the perfect spot for all those people, who need to get away from society as far as humanly possible! Continue reading

A Europe Worth Fighting For

With the European Elections being over, one can only sit there and wonder: What the hell, people? Right wing parties are on the rise. Be it in the UK, France or Denmark. Are we about the revert to pre-EU times? Will one of the best political projects of the past 60 years be over soon? Continue reading

Epic Movie Time

Does the following sound familiar? You start to surf YouTube for a particular video that you’ve heard of and then suddenly and totally unexpected, the trail of related videos starts to take control over your life. When you look up from your screen a couple of videos later, it’s the middle of the night, your hair has turned grey and you lost your job, since you haven’t shown up for work for several years. Continue reading

When TV Characters Come To Life

Admit it! You loooooove TV! It’s ok, don’t be ashamed. Everyone does – because it’s cool again (but more on that later). Before TV became the rotten appendix of good entertainment in the late 80s / early 90s, it was a big, funky pot of entertainment for the whole family. Drama, fun, education – it just had everything!
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What if …?

Back in high school I took a keen interest in history. Not so much because of a certain era or event, but rather because of the implications a person or event had on today’s world. My teacher, on the other hand, loved the cold, hard facts (if you read this, you know who you are!). Continue reading

Why I Want To Live (Forever)

I’m broken. That’s a fact! My eyesight is far from perfect, my back is a constant mess and one of my knees has seen better days. A good friend of mine once told me: “If you’re 30 and still able to get out of bed without any pain, you’ve done something wrong.” Fair enough. Looks like I did everything right then. Hooray for me? Probably not. Continue reading